Aldcliffe with Stodday Parish Council

The Condition of Our Roads and Footpaths – An Update


Residents are rightly concerned by the heavy weed growth along Aldcliffe Road into Lancaster. Our Lengthsman has sprayed-down the weeds throughout our Parish on two occasions so far this year.

For many years, Lancaster City Council was contracted by Lancashire County Council to spray down the  weeds throughout the City but this year Lancashire County Council has employed contractors of its own to undertake this task, with disastrous results. For details, please see the Lancaster Guardian article by following this link…

Weeds in Lancaster are ‘disgrace’ and making residents ashamed of their city | Lancaster Guardian


Following an accident to our Lengthsman, who had previously kept the lane clear, the Parish Council was forced to hand this work  back to Lancashire County Council. They have been slow to respond and we don’t as yet have a date for when the lane will be cut. The Parish Council reported this to the County Council on 14th July asking that the work be done as soon as possible. The Parish Clerk  will follow this up with the County Council and see if we can get some action soon.