Aldcliffe with Stodday Parish Council

Parish History

‘Aldeclif’ is recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086 as being a “vill” of the Manor of Halton held by Tostig Godwinson pre-conquest. After the Norman conquest, Roger the Poitevin received the Manor of Halton then moved the manorial headquarters to Lancaster, the site of the Roman fort of Castle Hill.  Aldclife Old Hall was built some time between 1087 and 1094.

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Stodday is variously recorded as ‘Stodhae (1200); ‘Stodaye’ (1246)and ‘Stodhag’ (1262).  The Domesday book simply refers to it as “enclosure for horses”

The broad outline on the map follows, as closely as possible, the ancient perimeters of Aldcliffe and Stodday.