Aldcliffe with Stodday Parish Council

Planning Appeal Dismissed – Land Adjacent to Aldcliffe Road

The Planning Inspector has today issued a decision dismissing the appeal lodged by Aldcliffe Hall Estates against the City Council’s refusal of application number 19/01460/OUT. View the Inspector’s decision letter.

The application proposed the erection of nine dwellings on land to the East of Aldcliffe Road at Grid Reference 346801,460087

The Parish Council considered the appeal at its Council meeting on 1st September 2020 and submitted a letter of objection which focused on the following issues:

  • The hamlet of Aldcliffe being recognised as a destination for recreational walkers and cyclists from both the City of Lancaster and further afield.
  • The proposed development and an associated increase in traffic is likely to exacerbate existing road safety issues relating to Aldcliffe Road being a single track road with no pavement and its use by recreational walkers and cyclists.
  • The parish’s emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), which is now well advanced, recognises the importance to the settlement of walkers and cyclists and aims to protect and enhance existing routes, identify new routes, and encourage greater accessibility.
  • The parish is not included within the City Council’s recently adopted Local Plan as a ‘sustainable settlement’ and the appeal site is in an area identified as ‘open countryside’.
  • The proposed development, for 9 substantial detached family homes, does not meet any identified local housing need, as expected by the adopted Local Plan.  Housing needs identified in preparing the NDP are for smaller properties and accommodation for older residents.
  • Damage to local heritage assets and the local landscape character, notably the adverse impact on the amenity and setting of ‘Inverlune’, which is recorded by the City Council as a non-designated heritage asset.

Appeal Details and Documents

View the Planning Appeal on the City Council’s planning portal

View the appeal documents submitted by the appellant

View the original Planning Application 19/01460/OUT