Aldcliffe with Stodday Parish Council

Recent Planning Applications, Aldcliffe Hall Drive

Parishioners have expressed concern about the confusing nature of a number of recent planning applications ostensibly referring to a six house development.

To clarify, this is not a request for a new building development.

These applications refer back to an already built six house development on Park Meadow and relate to proposals to vary specific planning conditions regarding temporary wooden fencing and associated hedging belonging to Nos 9,11 & 13  bordering Aldcliffe Hall Drive.

Permission has now been granted for these three properties to retain their wooden fencing for a further three years to enable their exterior hedges to have more time to grow and thicken.

Since this permission was extended, two of these properties, Nos 9 and 13 have applied for a variation of conditions to permit the wooden fencing to be permanently retained.

Should you wish to comment on these new applications they can be accessed on the Lancaster City Council Planning website, application No 23/01219/VCN and 23/01304/VCN using the following links:

Application 23/01219/VCN – 13 Aldcliffe Hall Drive

Application 23/01304/VCN – 9 Aldcliffe Hall Drive