Aldcliffe with Stodday Parish Council

Diversion of Aldcliffe Hall Drive Right of Way

The Parish Council has been invited by Lancashire County Council to comment on a proposal to divert a section of Restricted Byway 64 on Aldcliffe Hall Drive. To help inform the Parish Council’s response, parishioners and users of this Public Right of Way are invited to submit their own comments to the Parish Clerk by Wednesday, 30th November 2022.


The invitation for comments is a ‘pre-order consultation’.  The application and comments will be submitted for consideration and decision by Lancashire County Council’s Regulatory Committee.  If the County Council approves the proposal, an Order will be made for the diversion and there will be a further consultation at that stage. 

If there are no objections to the Order at that stage, it will be confirmed.  If there are objections, the Order will be referred to the Planning Inspector for review.

The Proposal

The application for the proposed diversion, as advised to the Parish Council by Lancashire County Council, is as follows:

“East Lodge is a residential property in Aldcliffe, in the city of Lancaster. Restricted Byway 64 runs from Aldcliffe Road, for about 440 m, in a broadly south-westerly direction on Aldcliffe Hall Drive until it meets footpath 50. This proposed diversion relates only to the eastern end of Aldcliffe Hall Drive, over a length of about 55 m and will move the restricted byway off Aldcliffe Hall Drive, away from the residential property of East Lodge and into a wooded area to the north-west of the drive.

If successful, the diversion will move the restricted byway from the curtilage of the property and onto a well surfaced, woodland path for about 55 m in length, to emerge back onto Aldcliffe Hall Drive. This will increase the privacy and security for East Lodge, whilst providing a route that is safe and convenient for public use.

The length of existing path to be diverted is shown by a bold continuous line and marked on the attached plan as A-B and the proposed alternative route is shown by a bold broken line and marked D-C-B.”

Further Information

Link to Lancashire County Council’s webpage covering applications to change a public right of way.

Submitting Your Comments

If you wish to comment, please email Derek Whiteway, Parish Clerk at by Wednesday, 30th November 2022.